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2016-11-14 10:51 pm
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Meanwhile on Vulcan ...

Tonight, the Friday Night Dinner Group went to see the restored/reimagined/animated Second Doctor series "The Power of the Daleks". This series is important to Doctor Who because it was the first one starring Patrick Troughton, and the first time regeneration was used to change actors in the role. The actual tapes of the series had been lost but there were still photos and, thanks to the fans, complete audio tapes of the entire six episodes in the series. It was originally broadcast in 1966, so the BBC decided to bring it back as an animated series for the fiftieth anniversary.

It was shown on the big screen tonight, all two hours and forty-five minutes of it, and it was great. Original Who had a certain je ne sais quoi that New Who is sorely lacking, and which I often miss. Plus it was a Dalek series, and how could that be a bad thing? As I said, the Daleks throw a great party, so who cares if it's always the same one?

Best of all, the action takes place in the Human colony on the planet Vulcan. NBC and the BBC, perfect together in 1966. :)