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My fannish past has shown up to harass me twice in the last three days. I wonder what the universe is trying to tell me.

On Wednesday, I was perusing the workshop classes associated with the Chicago miniatures show. The one I wanted to take was sold out, so I was looking at a couple of others. One that caught my eye was a shop façade that the student would be painting and decorating in one of a variety of ways, depending on each person's interests. The teacher has chosen to refer to the shops that will be completed by the name of the mythical street on which they are all located. The name he’s given to the street? La Rue de La Croix.

Then last night, I was at work very late. As in the evening cleaning crew was done and gone and the witching hour was approaching fast. I was heading back upstairs to my office and as I passed the tutoring center I happened to glance at the whiteboard on the wall outside of it. It had the usual announcements written on the top half of it and in the large empty space of the bottom half someone had written Bad Wolf in large capital letters*. I kept looking out of the corner of my eyes open all the way back to my office, but Nine never appeared. Bummer.

* I swear this is the absolute truth. I even took a picture of it with my very-not-smart phone, and if I could figure how to get it off said phone, I'd post it here for you to see. I was very weirded out.


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