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It's night #1 of the Westminster Doggie Show.  Fun and games abound. 

It's done

Jan. 1st, 2017 08:56 am
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So here I am, a day earlier than I planned. A new year and a new platform. Let's hope they're both good ones.
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One of the more annoying things about a major snow storm is that every single broadcast station has gone to full-time news and weather reporting. We've got it, guys: it's snowing pretty hard, the wind is blowing pretty hard, parts of Long Island have already lost power, evacuations are now mandatory in some of the towns along the shore. Just like during the last big storm. Just like the next one. Arrrgh!

Fortunately, I have a shiny new set of the S8 DVDs of Doctor Who, thanks to BFFHS. My big plans for the day are to drink hot chocolate and watch the Doctor.
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As I'm writing this, I'm watching CBS This Morning. The first topic up is the interview with the Pope that was published yesterday. Dolan is on with them to discuss it, and I must admit he's putting a pretty good face on it. Of course, I'm sitting back and laughing my ass off. They elected a Jesuit, did they really expect that it would be business as usual?

So the House Republicans are trying to kill the Affordable Care Act by defunding it. They lost on constitutionality with the Supremes, all of their votes to repeal went exactly nowhere, and now they're threatening to shut down the government in order to save poorer Americans from good health care. Patriots, one and all!

Today is the last Friday of summer 2013, and the weather report is 80 and sunny. Ugh, fall can't come soon enough for me. I want to wear sweaters and corduroy and drink pumpkin spice lattes and take shots of trees decked out in crimson and gold leaves.

My home project for the weekend is to move the TV out of the bedroom – the experiment is over. I found that I just don't like having it in here, and more seriously, it has wrecked havoc with my sleep patterns. Harrumph. I still don't want it in the office either, so downstairs into the living room it goes. Bye-bye!

The new semester has gifted me with a head cold and computer-mouse-related tendonitis in my right arm, so it will be a computer-free weekend. Lucky me!

Happy Friday, everyone.
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In the fine tradition of "five things make a post," I hereby present a post.
1. LUSH has opened a store in the Short Hills Mall!
2. I really don't know what to do about Facebook. It's good in some ways and absolutely loathsome in others. I guess the big question is whether I feel the good outweighs the bad or vice versa. Film at eleven.
3. The next person of my acquaintance to get married, have a commitment ceremony, or renew their vows really, really, pretty please needs to do this:
4. Wil Wheaton has apparently tweeted about the Allfeck-as-Batman kerfuffle, dissing Affleck's acting ability in the process. Now that's what I call irony!
5. I actually took the first three weeks of August off! No phone calls, no meetings (okay one, but it was grant related), and no email. There were 207 emails in my inbox Thursday morning. Sigh.

Enjoy what's left of the holiday weekend, everyone.
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As you may have heard, the world is going to end sometime tonight (or tomorrow, or Tuesday) here on the East coast. I have no idea whether or not I will continue to have electricity, and if so, for how long. So, giving into my Irish genes and assuming the worst, I want to say have a good week, everyone! I'll be back when Sandy is done with us. ;)

ETA: Bingo! I just got the autobot call informing me that we're closed at least until Monday night.


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