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Happy Independence Day to my American friends. And as requested, Happy Divorce Day to my British friends! :)

Off to the DVD player. First up: "1776"!
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Have a great day, everyone.
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9:05 Things get started with a national (2 from every state) group of cheerleaders in Herald Square. Nope, still don't buy the line that it's a actual sport.

9:58 The front of the parade makes it to Herald Square! Included in this group are any number of Macy's employees dressed as clowns, including one intrepid soul who is dancing on stilts. They are followed by a kick-ass, high-stepping marching band from a college whose name I missed, but which is definitely located in the South (no northern college has ever named its band the "Aggies").

10:03 Kermit!!!

10:17 The Sesame Street float. Big Bird is front and center! Surprisingly, so is Elmo.

10:19 A huge marching band from the big middle. (Confession time. I love marching bands. I could watch them for hours.) They are making an attempt to emulate the high-stepping moves of the aforementioned Aggies, but ... no. Sorry kids, I can see that you gave it your all, but ultimately you're still just a bunch of white high school kids from Ohio.

10:30 Just talked to Dad. He forgot to get stuffing mix. Dear God, how will I survive? I should call [ profile] cybertardis and invite her to join us. ;)

11:11 I'm sure the folks with children already know this, but I was pretty amazed to learn that there's a 24-hour channel for children called Sprout. Yikes!

11:59 Santa! I see they've gone back to the more American-looking one (from the old Coke ads) rather than the more European-style one they had for a number of years there. I sure hope all the Macy employees get home quickly and get some rest, since they have to be at work when the store opens at midnight. :(

12:03 Dog Show!!!
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I just finished the first half of my annual Independence Day movie marathon, and I'm dancing around the house (moving only to the right, of course) and singing off key. Loudly. Tonight, we'll help Will Smith welcome some long-distance travelers to Earth. ;) In between, there's a picnic/party with lots of food, swimming, friends, and puns.

With all this, it's important to remember the courageous men who made it all possible. So thanks to the founding fathers (and mothers) who made it possible for us to have this big party today. And to go home this evening and complain about Congress on Facebook without fear of government reprisals.

Happy July 4th, everyone!


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