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Dec. 12th, 2015 08:33 am
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Grading Hell has officially begun. ;)
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The security systems on our network here at Harvard South, which are so tight that we sometimes aren't allowed to download things the students have sent to us, just allowed me to download, install, and open the Kindle for PC. I guess Amazon really does own the world. :)
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As of 9:12 last night, the Fall 2012 semester is over (except for some grading) for me. To celebrate, let me share a taste of yesterday morning. :)

The flava )

So Merry Christmas to all!
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As you may have heard, the world is going to end sometime tonight (or tomorrow, or Tuesday) here on the East coast. I have no idea whether or not I will continue to have electricity, and if so, for how long. So, giving into my Irish genes and assuming the worst, I want to say have a good week, everyone! I'll be back when Sandy is done with us. ;)

ETA: Bingo! I just got the autobot call informing me that we're closed at least until Monday night.
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The local ABC affiliate is reporting that bedbugs have been found in two of the dorms on campus. Ick, ick, ICK!!!

::shudder:: Apparently, all assignments in my classes will be turned in through Blackboard for the foreseeable future.


May. 13th, 2011 07:21 am
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They're talking on the CBS Early Show about the governor of Indiana, who many repugs want to run for president. The reporter said that "popular NJ Governor Chris Christie" has indicated that he'll support him. Clearly, she's never been to NJ, where even the most loyal rats are starting to desert that particular sinking ship.

I give my last exam today, and the last set of papers come in by 5:00. Then it's just the grading, which won't actually be too bad this time. I hope.
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Pick a noun, any noun ...

This is the singular form: book

This it the plural form: books

This is the possessive form: book's

Learn this, young ladies and gentlemen. This knowledge will serve you well in life. And yes, spelling and grammar count. I told you that in the syllabus I gave you in back in September.
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I'm really not a pack rat, so how in hell did I manage to accumulate this much crap?
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Yes, we're back and there are students everywhere. (To be honest, I like it better this way, but don't tell anyone. It would ruin my reputation.)

I have my (suddenly really long) hair down for the first time since May, and I'm not enjoying it at all. I'm going to have to explore alternatives right away.

I also discovered this morning that I have exactly one pair of pantyhose in the house. I must rectify that right away, because no way am I going to rinse those things out every night. Also, I apparently forgot how to put them on over the summer break - much hilarity ensued this morning when I tried to get dressed.

Now to remind the senior seminar class that there are no undergraduate classes today.
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Dear Dr. Chalcedony,
I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful semester. Your class really pushed me to try my hardest and because of that the quality of my learning experience was that much better. As you probably would have assumed, I was absolutely ecstatic when I received your e-mail, it was the last class I was waiting to hear on to see if I achieved the 4.0 I tried so hard for.
Have a wonderful summer :)
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I am 36 minutes away from Spring Break.


Dec. 13th, 2006 05:10 pm
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One of my Honors students just referenced Ann Coulter as an expert on health issues in a presentation on whether or not a possible human carcinogen should be banned.

Excuse me, I need to go open a vein.


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